Our first snow of the season!

Dec - 29

Our first snow of the season!

Snow has arrived finally after a really warm fall.  Christmas day was beautiful wasn’t?  I have been able to continue with site work right up until Christmas.  There has been zero frost in the ground and the rainfall has been minimal.  Each snow fall requires a harried transition from ground work to plowing, regardless of how much pre-season work goes into preparation.  Luckily this year I was able to have the plows, sander, and skid steer ready with only minimal effort.  I moved the skid steer to its winter home at Mexicali Views along with the snow pusher and snow bucket.  The V-plows were mounted and the sander prepped.

This first storm was small, however, it was suprisingly tenacious.  I was talking with a friend of mine as we were plowing and we both commented on how messy this storm was. The roads were really slippery and the snow fell at a rapid rate during the onset, keeping us busy moving from commerical lot to commerical lot in order to do our best to stay ahead of it.

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