Concrete cutting

Feb - 01

Concrete cutting

The right hand cut has been made to the bottom of the door.

The Moxy Cove job provided for a very tight access point in the foundation.  The builder and general contractor, Roy, decided it would be best to create an access door in the taller section of the foundation.  This allows the plumbers, electricians and the home owner much easier access to the space.  The foundation is tall enough on the downhill side for the homeowner to store items for the winter, which wouldn’t have been possible from the original entry point.   The door was cut with a concrete chainsaw.  It operates on the same principle as normal wood-cutting chainsaw except that it has a diamond chain, is watertight, and has a connection to a water supply.  The chain and bar must be flooded in water throughout the entire cut to clear the slurry and keep the chain cool and lubricated.

The cut is complete.
Roy Hudson of Hudson Homes tests the access and gives his stamp of approval. He’ll frame the opening and build a door to fit.


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