Undercarriage components

Feb - 26

Undercarriage components

During my last trip to Industrial Tractor Parts, I measured a new track pad and compared it to mine so I could judge the wear on them.  I determined that I had an acceptable level of wear to re-use the pads.  On one hand this is great news as the pads are approximately $5,000!  On the other, it means that I need to unbolt each of the pads on my current link assembly, of which there are 330.  The nuts have been exposed to dirt, and water for a really long time so it will be interesting to see how they come off.  Hopefully with several days of soaking in penetrating oil, after being power-washed, wire brushed, and banged with a hammer to loosen up the rust they will come off with a big impact gun.  If not, it means burning each one off with a cutting torch.  I’d prefer the former.   Not needing new pads, I picked up the new link assemblies and bolts only from Industrial Tractor,  and then made another stop for new bolts for the rollers and sprockets at Milton Cat.


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