50% complete!

Mar - 14

50% complete!

Installing the idler and recoil spring assembly.

I finally finished one side of the undercarriage!  By choosing my days (I was very lucky to have had several excellent days) I was able to apply20160312_144534 two coats of paint to the undercarriage and components.  Then it was on to assembly. First, I installed the idler and recoil spring assembly into the x-frame using a smaller excavator.  Once fully assembled it was time to install the track pads on the new link assembly, using a lot of bolts and nuts, never-seize, the impact gun, and a torque wrench.  First, I laid out the new link assembly on pallets, and then began bolting each pad on.  Once the pads were all in placed it was time to install the new track assembly.  Using a smaller Kubota excavator the track was first lifted and put on the new sprocket.  Once the track was resting firmly in place on the sprocket I moved the Kubota to the other side of the machine and hooked a strap onto the link assembly so I could keep tension on the track.  I also supported the track with 4×4’s on the x-frame.  Then it was a matter of turning the sprocket a few teeth, and then walking the Kubota back a little at a time to keep tension on the track.  Slow and steady was the order of the day.

Starting to bolt up the track pads
Starting the track onto the sprocket
Slowly working the track onto the machine using the smaller excavator and the sprocket on the drive motor.









The track is finally on the machine and it’s off the blocks!  I just need to install the master link pin and then this side is complete.  Half way home now.  Time to spin the machine and rebuild the other side…………..

The track is on…..now to drive the master link pin and the job will be complete.


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