Do you know what is inside your concrete floor?

Mar - 29

Do you know what is inside your concrete floor?

The rebar is delivered and Eric McClintick looks on as the guys start laying out the rebar pattern on the poly.

There are many things in our lives that we don’t stop to consider past the obvious.  For example have you ever wondered what’s inside your garage floor? More than likely not.  Many people think of concrete as just that- nothing more.  However, concrete isn’t strong in tension without some form of reinforcement.  (It is, however, very strong in terms of compression.) The most common types of concrete reinforcement are a wire mesh, rebar, and fiberglass.  In most applications wire mesh and rebar are the norm.   Rebar is short for reinforcing bar and has a raised pattern around it, which helps to secure it in the concrete. (Rebar is often referred to as “rerod” “reinforcing rod” by many people.)   Here’s a link that describes it well: Rebar

Eric heads for more rebar while Mike starts laying out the perpendicular pieces.
Nick, Carl, and Eric tie up the rebar while Mike blocks it up.

Today, at Colby & Gale the guys at McClintick Foundations prepped the job for concrete.  The first step is to put down a layer of poly to act as a vapor barrier. Then the guys cut and placed all of the rebar in the main field of the floor. After the rebar was placed the guys tied it all together with wire ties, which they twist around the rebar.  Then the rebar “dowels” or shorter pieces are driven into the holes drilled horizontally in the portion of the old slab that was left in place and in the wall.  This helps tie the new floor to the old one.  The dowels are then tied to the main rebar field.  While the guys are tying the rebar together Mike places half-bricks under the rebar to ensure that it rides up into the slab during the pour.

Carl inserts dowels around the post and then hammers them over to be tied into the grid. The floor is nearly prepped for concrete.

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