Power-troweling the new slab at Colby & Gale

Mar - 30

Power-troweling the new slab at Colby & Gale

Today marks the last day of substantial work at Colby & Gale.  I still need to clean up the area where the cement trucks cleaned out, however, the new floor has been poured.  I wasn’t able to be at the job while the cement was being placed inside the garage, however, I did make it in time to see Carl and Nick begin the work of surfacing the slab as it begins to cure.

Carl and Nick power trowel the slab

Once the concrete has been poured and leveled out with a screed and bull-floats, the concrete is left to begin curing until it can be walked on in order to use power trowels.  There’s a lot to knowing when, and how to use the power trowels, as well when the concrete is ready to use them.  Randy McClintick’s crew

Nick hand trowels the door edge

does a lot of work in this, and surrounding areas, and he has been in the business for 34 yrs now if memory serves me.  Nick and Carl worked both on the edges with hand trowels and in the field of the slab with the power trowels.  They spent much of the day working the slab to surface it properly.

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